Build Products Businesses Want

Thousands of entrepreneurs use Lean B2B to reduce the risk of their ventures and quickly find traction in the market.

Want to Build Products Businesses Buy?

The Lean B2B Course 🎥  includes 5 hours of High-Quality Video Lessons, Worksheets and Templates expanding on the Lean B2B book (also included with the...

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Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (Expanded)

Lean B2B Expanded 🚀 includes high-quality PDF and Epub versions , Exercise Templates and Step-by-Step Task Lists to help you apply the Lean B2B Methodology. ...

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Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (Book)

Applying The Lean Startup in B2B is Not Easy.  Finding early adopters, building credibility, reaching decision-makers, building a Minimum Viable Product, marking progress... It's overwhelming. ...

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Control Alt Deceit (Board Game)

Ready to Test Your CEO Instincts? 🥊   The year is 1983… Your friends made a terrible decision. They entered your market.  To win, you’ll...

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