Find Your Target Market (Course) by Étienne Garbugli

Find Your Target Market (Course)

A Step-by-step guide to finding your beachhead market


The Find Your Target Market 🎥  Course helps entrepreneurs identify the best target market for their product, refocus their business to Cross the Chasm and grow their market.

Is Growth Slowing Down?

Your company’s revenue has flatlined. You keep running experiments, but none of them are working out. Your playbook is not working as well as it used to. Maybe you’re not targeting the right customers…

A Course for B2B Entrepreneurs 🚀

Selecting your company’s beachhead market can make or break your startup.

For early-stage businesses looking to grow, it’s the key to break into the market. For established businesses, it’s key to dominating your market and establishing footholds in new verticals.

In this course, you will learn to evaluate whether you’re targeting the right customers or not, to identify the best target market and customers for your product, to refocus your business to truly dominate your market and much much more.

"A Niche Market is the Key to the Mass Market."
- Andy Rachleff, Wealthfront Co-Founder

What You Will Learn

  1. How to evaluate whether you’re targeting the right customers or not
  2. How to identify the best customers and best target market for your product
  3. How to refine and validate your assumptions using the Lean B2B methodology
  4. How to refocus your business to truly dominate your market
  5. How to identify follow-on market opportunities

Early on, Box focused on businesses with data security concerns, Atlassian on developers and IT departments, Vontu on large banks and Lightspeed on retail chains with fewer than 9 stores… Who should you target first?

Course Structure

1. Introduction 
  • Welcome 
  • Your starting point
  • What's an early adopter? 
  • What do they look like? 
  • What's the "majority", and why should you care?

2. How to evaluate whether you’re targeting the right customers or not 
  • Self-evaluation: Where are you now? 
  • 10 signs you're targeting the right customers (or not)

3. How to identify the best customers and best target market for your product 
  • What makes a great customer? 
  • To zoom in or zoom out, that's the question 
  • Defining your ideal customer segments 
  • Calculating the TAM for your customer segments 
  • How to evaluate potential customer segments 
  • Finding your best customers 
  • Understanding the value of your product
  • Evaluating what your best target market is

4. How to refine and validate your assumptions using the Lean B2B methodology
  • Creating the profile of your ideal customer 
  • Validating your beachhead market 
  • Evaluating the reaction to your current solution through solution interviews 
  • Evaluating product-market segment fit 
  • Selecting your beachhead market

5. How to refocus your business to truly dominate your market
  • Common commitment issues 
  • Why you want proactive growth 
  • Company focus is growth velocity 
  • How to look the part

6. How to identify follow-on market opportunities 
  • When is the right time to expand in follow-on markets? 
  • How to identify follow-on markets 
  • Conclusion

Praises for the Lean B2B Methodology

Lean B2B is definitively one of the most inspiring books I have read so far covering the B2B market. This is a must read for every B2B entrepreneur, SaaS creator or consultant and business school student. It's the kind of book you don't read once, you go back to it on a regular basis. Carmen Gerea, CEO & Co-founder, UsabilityChefs

Probably the most slept on book in the Lean startup market right now.... There is no sugarcoating here. Garbugli tells you exactly what needs to happen and how to make it happen...literally holds your hand and spells it out. I was really impressed with the overall depth and advice presented. There is a lack of broad and vague generalized answers which is common in similar startup books and that is very refreshing. Instead you will find specific actionable steps laid out for you to tackle. If you're a victim of ''paralysis by analysis'' or simply don't know where to begin when it comes to starting your own need to read this end of story. A hidden gem!! AJ, B2B Entrepreneur

This is a really useful how-to for any business. Even if you think you are a LEAN expert (me ;-)), there is loads of great and helpful material in this book. A great way to introduce the important LEAN concepts in your company, in your innovation team and your executive team. Highly recommended. Greg Twemlow, CEO, AIRDOCS Global

Having read most of the classic books on Lean Startup (Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder, Ash Maurya, Cindy Alvarez, etc.), finding "Lean B2B" and absorbing its content has been essential to understand and/or confirm (since I’ve worked in a large corporate myself) what the differences in the B2B space is. Daniel Almodovar, Innovation Partner, Altran

In my humble opinion this book is one of the best out there in the lean entrepreneurship constellation. Thoroughly written, this is more a 'how book' rather than 'what book' packed with examples and case studies. Dan T., B2B Entrepreneur

Garbugli breaks down the processes and steps needed to succeed as a B2B start-up. The lessons, tips, questions, experiences were incredibly valuable and the case studies demonstrate how other start-ups have pivoted to succeed. Ian Chalmers, Principal, Pivot & Pivot Health

I wish I could go back in time and read the book two, three or even four years ago. It would have spared me a lot of things and would have taught me lessons that I had to learn myself the hard way. But even now, I have the book in my office on my desk at all times. It is not just a book that you read once, but a book that I regularly go back to. – Jonathan Gebauer, Co-Founder, exploreB2B

Lean B2B nails the key to being nimble and iterative in the complex, drawn-out world of B2B entrepreneurship: relationships. It captures how I've been running my own Lean B2B practice for years and makes it accessible to anyone. Brian Gladstein, CEO and Founder, Explorics

Lean B2B is the definitive guide for any B2B entrepreneur. This complete collection of stories and experiences is the perfect companion resource as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. The book will pay itself off in the first couple of pages! Ben Sardella, Co-Founder, Datanyze, AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential


Why This Course?

I'm creating the Find Your Target Market video course to help answer one of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask me: how do I find the right customers for my product?

Who is It For?

This video course is for B2B entrepreneurs and marketers looking to accelerate growth and cross the Chasm. I’m creating the course specifically for these three stages:

  1. Entrepreneurs selling to early adopters looking to cross the Chasm
  2. Entrepreneurs with an established customer base, looking to double-down on growth
  3. Entrepreneurs with a product looking for the right customer segment for their business

I have real-life experience in all three situations. I’ll show exactly what to do. No fluff, just actionable advice.

When Will it Launch?

The content is mostly written out. Our target is early Q2 2018.
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