Want to Build Products Businesses Buy? by Étienne Garbugli

Want to Build Products Businesses Buy?

The Lean B2B Course includes 6+ hours of High-Quality Video Lessons, Worksheets and Templates expanding on the Lean B2B book.

Applying The Lean Startup in B2B is Not Easy

Finding early adopters, building credibility, reaching decision-makers, building a Minimum Viable Product, marking progress... It's overwhelming.

The Lean B2B course helps entrepreneurs and innovators focus on the right things each step of the way.

Used by thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, Lean B2B consolidates the best thinking around Business-to-Business (B2B) customer development to help you quickly find traction in the enterprise, leaving as little as possible to luck.

The course helps:

  • Assess the market potential of opportunities to find the right opportunity for your team
  • Find early adopters, quickly establish credibility and convince business stakeholders to work with you
  • Find and prioritize business problems in corporations and identify the stakeholders with the power to influence a purchase decision
  • Create a minimum viable product and a compelling offer, validate a solution and evaluate whether your team has found product-market fit
  • Identify and avoid common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and learn ninja techniques to speed up product-market validation

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  86% of Lean B2B Readers Rated it 5-Stars  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

« This is a must read for every B2B entrepreneur, SaaS creator or consultant and business school student. It's the kind of book you don't read once, you go back to it on a regular basis. » - Carmen Gerea, CEO & Co-founder, UsabilityChefs

« Treat this book like a map to show you where you are and a compass to show you the direction. I wish I could have read it 2 or 3 years ago. » - Jonathan Gebauer, Founder, exploreB2B

« Lean B2B is filled with rock-solid advice for technology entrepreneurs who want a rapid-growth trajectory. Read it to increase your certainty and your success rate. » - Jill Konrath, Author of AGILE SELLING and Selling to Big Companies

« Probably the most slept on book in the Lean startup market right now.... There is no sugarcoating here. Garbugli tells you exactly what needs to happen and how to make it happen...literally holds your hand and spells it out. I was really impressed with the overall depth and advice presented. » - AJ, B2B Entrepreneur

« The book I read of which I have learned the most. » - Etienne Thouin, Founder and CTO, SQLNext Software

« This book is essential reading for would-be entrepreneurs who face the daunting task of entering B2B markets. » - Paul Gillin, Co-Author, Social Marketing to the Business Customer

What's included:

  • 5+ Hours of Video Lessons to Show You Exactly How to Reach Product-Market Fit in B2B
  • Step-by-Step Task Lists to Guide You Along
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Templates (Interview Scripts, Problem Assessment Grids, Jury Map, and More) to Help You Complete Key Tasks And Analyses
  • Access to The Lean B2B Wiki Which Contains Hundreds of Curated B2B Resources
  • Bonuses, including the brand new course How to Grow & Improve Your Business With Customer Interviews
  • A High-Quality PDF Version of The Book Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want
  • A Mobile-Friendly Epub Version
  • Lifetime Updates

The course is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee; if you’re not happy, you get your money back.

What's included?

Video Icon 34 videos File Icon 13 files Text Icon 11 text files
Lesson #1 - Introduction
3 mins
Lesson #2 - Why B2B?
8 mins
Lesson #3 - What Makes B2B Different?
10 mins
Lesson #4 - How Much Time Do I Need?
3 mins
Lesson #5 - Do I Need to Quit My Job?
3 mins
Finding & Contacting Early Adopters
Lesson #6 - Where It Starts
9 mins
Lesson #7 - Choosing a Market
9 mins
Lesson #8 - Finding Problems and Opportunities that Matter
5 mins
Lesson #9 - Finding Early Adopters
16 mins
Lesson #10 - Finding Early Advocates
4 mins
Lesson #11 - Selecting Early Adopters
2 mins
Lesson #12 - Leveraging Domain Credibility & Visibility
11 mins
Lesson #13 - Contacting Early Adopters
12 mins
Lesson #14 - How to Get Customer Interviews with Cold Emails
26 mins
Lesson #14 - Cold Email Sample Script
Finding the Right Business Problem
Lesson #15 - Why Interviews?
9 mins
Lesson #16 - The Code of Conduct for Customer Interviews
12 mins
Lesson #16 - Tips for Great Customer Development Interviews
Lesson #17 - Customer Discovery Interview Questions
11 mins
Lesson #17 - Customer Discovery Interview Questions 
Lesson #18 - Conducting Problem Interviews
16 mins
Lesson #19 - Analyzing the Results
12 mins
Validating the Solution
Lesson #20 - Problem-Solution Fit
13 mins
Lesson #20 - All Types of Endorsement
Lesson #21 - Creating a Minimum Viable Product
18 mins
Lesson #22 - Mapping the Buying Influencers
9 mins
Lesson #23 - Preparing Your Pitch
18 mins
Lesson #24 - Reengaging Prospects
5 mins
Lesson #24 - Reengagement Template
Lesson #25 - Conducting Solution Interviews
10 mins
Lesson #25 - Solution Interview Questions
Lesson #26 - Dealing with your First Purchase
3 mins
Lesson #26 - How to Deal With Your First Purchase
Lesson #27 - What to Do if the Prospect Doesn't Buy?
6 mins
Lesson #27 - The Reasons Why Prospects Don't Buy
Lesson #28 - Product-Market Fit
12 mins
Lesson #29 - To Pivot or Not to Pivot?
7 mins
Lesson #29 - All Types of Pivots
Lesson #30 - What Happened With the Business?
6 mins
Speeding Things Up
Lesson #31 - Common Challenges
18 mins
Lesson #32 - Speeding up Product-Market Validation
11 mins
Lesson #33 - Conclusion
3 mins
The Lean B2B Book
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How to Continuously Grow & Improve Your Business With Customer Interviews
(1h 11m 26s)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the course content compares with the book?

The Lean B2B book was originally-written in 2014. The Lean B2B Course builds off the book content and adds fresh learnings and new tactics entrepreneurs can use today. I consider the course to be Lean B2B version 1.5. 

Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?

No. The course is built for you to learn at your own pace. Just dive in whenever you have time.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up on the platform, you’ll receive login instructions where you can access the course from any device.

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever. After you sign up you will be able to access the course lessons whenever you like and across any device you own.

What if I have questions?

Simply send me an email at etienne@leanb2bbook.com.

How can I pay?

You can pay with your credit card or via PayPal. If you’re in the US you should be able to use PayPal credit, where PayPal will make the payment for you and then you pay them in an interest-free payment plan. You just need to sign-up and get approved.

Can my employer pay for the course?

Absolutely! If you have an employer who is happy to cover the costs of the course then they can either pay through the normal way on our course site, or you can contact us and let us know the details for invoicing.

What if I don’t don’t like it?

If, for whatever reason, this course does not live up to its promises in your eyes, just contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money. Simple as that. :)

Can I buy just the book?

Yes. It's right here

Build Products Businesses Want

Thousands of entrepreneurs use the Lean B2B methodology to reduce the risk of their ventures and quickly find traction in the market.