Solving Product: A Simple, Unique, and Wildly Powerful Product Compass by Étienne Garbugli

Solving Product: A Simple, Unique, and Wildly Powerful Product Compass

Reveal Gaps, Ignite Growth, and Accelerate Any Tech Product with Customer Research


Solving Product lays out the territory, helps you see where you are, and gets you back on track when you’re in the ditch.” – Amanda Robinson, Product Manager at Salesfloor

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Solving Product isn’t your typical business book. It’s not a book that was written to be read front to back, then simply put away.

Solving Product was carefully designed to help product teams and entrepreneurs reveal the gaps in their business models, find new avenues for growth, and systematically overcome their next hurdles by leveraging the greatest resource at their disposal: customers.

No matter where you are in the product growth cycle—at the idea stage, at maturity, or somewhere in between—Solving Product will help you:

  • Gain clarity: Reveal gaps and blindsides, know exactly what challenges you’re facing;
  • Overcome blockers: Lay out clear action plans to fix the most pressing issues and get your business moving forward, fast;
  • Ignite growth: Find new approaches to get your product growing. The book contains more than 25 case studies and actionable advice from hundreds of product leaders and customer research experts.
Solving Product offers a simple, unique, and wildly powerful business compass. It’s a book you’ll find yourself going back to, time and time again.
"With Solving Product, Étienne Garbugli has written a practical and motivating primer on how to drive growth by leveraging the greatest resource at your disposal: Your customers. Étienne’s framework is incredibly valuable both for new founders looking to cultivate traction—as well as mature companies who need to launch new product lines and expand their services."
Sam Shepler, Founder & CEO, Testimonial Hero
“No matter where you are in the product growth cycle—in the early stages of sparking and shaping a new idea, fanning the flames of growth, or seeking strategies to stem complacency and loss of market share—Solving Product will meet you where you are and lead you out of the darkness. Each section and chapter is packed with immediately actionable tips and tactics. I highly recommend keeping it within reach at all times.”
Amanda Robinson, Product Manager, Salesfloor

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